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We realize how much work planning a wedding can be. When you agreed to say I do, you probably never thought that making sure your big day came off without a hitch would cause you this much intense planning and for you to make as many decisions as you have had to so far. But to add onto that the details that are a part of a destination wedding and you will really be pulling your hair out. So, we have a major suggestion for you. Do not and we repeat do not try and handle a destination wedding on your own. Unless you want to be absolutely miserable leading up to your big day. You already have a lot on your mind as it is, the last thing that you need is to to heap all of the pressure of making sure that your guests are well taken care of on yourself. What you need is a professional travel agency. They do this kind of thing for a living and you would do well to make use of their expertise. Also, they know what details to take care of so there will be nothing that will be overlooked which is great for you and awesome for your guests. To start this process, your best plan of attack is to start looking for travel agencies in the Seattle area. Once you have done this, you will need to conduct some interviews using the questions we have provided below. Once you have done your due diligence, you will be ready to hire the travel agency that will make sure all goes well for your wedding day.

So, where can you find a few travel agencies that might potentially be the one you hire? One great place to check is the world wide web. It is a great place to start anyway. Do a Google search for “travel agencies in the Seattle area.” You are sure to get back a number of results and you may not want to check out every single one. That is alright. Start clicking on each one and check out at least 25 to 30. Peruse the individual websites of the travel agencies and for some of them, it should not take long for you to be able to figure out which ones appear to be professional and which ones do not. Call the wedding vendors that you have already hired and see if they can provide you with some travel agencies that they know something about. Or what about an easier source. The people you know the best, your friends, family and coworkers. Start checking around with as many as you can and find out if any of them have dealt with travel agencies that really came through for them. After awhile, you should have a number of potential travel agencies to check out.

Make sure you visit each agency personally and have a Q & A session with one of the agents. Start out by asking them how the general process would work if you had them handle your destination wedding. They will ask you for the number of guests that you will be having so have that ready for them. Ask them if there is a limit to the number of guests. Does everyone need to stay at the same hotel? Will the hotel have a wedding coordinator that you will deal with?

Are they able to get you any great discount on plane tickets or hotel reservations? Will the agency provide your guests with a packet of things to do in the location that everyone will be going? Talk about your budget and what they expect something like this to cost. More than likely your guests will be footing the bill their plane ticket and hotel room so find out how long of a stay they will need to pay for. Make sure that they are able to provide as reasonable a rate as possible as you show your guests that you are considering how much you appreciate that they are joining you for your big event. Once you have the information you asked for form each agency, do a side by side comparison and figure out which agency is the one for you.

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